List of Partners

Last updated: 19 April 2024

1. Advertising networks and their partners

Below, you can find a list with our third-party advertising networks and their partners, with whom we work to provide you our Services, including a personalized advertisement experience within our Services.

In order to provide our Services, including personalized advertisements to our users, those listed below use device information that include personal and non-personal information, such as advertising (or ad) identifiers, IP address regarding the delivery of advertisements and your interaction with them and/or other tracking technologies to enable and optimize this advertising procedure. Ad identifiers are non-permanent device identifiers such as the Android advertising ID and/or Apple's ID for advertising (IDFA).

2. Analytics service providers

We use your information to perform our own analytics and to enable analytics provided by third parties. We use analytical information for supporting business analysis and operations, business intelligence, product development, improving the Services, personalizing content, providing advertising, and making recommendations. In order to learn about how your information is used by our analytics service providers, you can follow the hyperlinks in the list below to each provider’s privacy notice.

3. Other Service Providers